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Service Bulletin 1/4/2021: XTOL Catalog #1058338

XTOL Catalog #1058338, batches with the following Date Codes: 2019/10/07, 2019/12/19, 2020/02/25, 2020/02/26, 2020/02/27 are facing a trade concern. We expect production from our new supplier in early February with product available shortly afterwards. If you have purchased this product and have not already done so, please send an email with your contact information, the product/quantity purchased to kodakpaperchem@pro.sinopromise.com for replacement instructions. 


Update 1/4/2021:   KODAK PROFESSIONAL DEKTOL Developer / Packet to make 1 gal  (CAT# 516 0270)  This problem has been resolved. 

in 2020 batches of DEKTOL with date codes of August 2019 or later have been coming out darker than normal when mixed.  This problem has been resolved. 
This is due to a non-photo active impurity. This has no impact on product performance.
We are working with our manufacturer to quickly bring the color back to its normal neutral appearance.


Update: HC-110 precipitate; August 14, 2020

We’ve had reports of precipitate forming in the bottom of unopened bottles of HC-110 developer
Our investigation has shown that crystals form with freezing.   As a result, our supplier is making minor change to make the formulation more robust to cold temperatures.  Testing indicates this will resolve the issue. 
New / improved batches will begin shipping by the end of August
If you have additional questions, please contact kodakpaperchem@pro.sinopromise.com


Update: COVID 19 Chemistry shipment delays; May 14, 2020

We are experiencing shipping delays on the products listed below. 
KA operations is working as quickly as possible to resolve this.
Please check back on this page for updates.

1058296   1 Gal Professional DEKTOL Developer
1058304   1 Gal Professional Fixer
1058338   5L Professional XTOL Developer
5054184   2X25L TMAX Developer and Replenisher