The latest in on-the-go printing technology.

Kodak Moments To Go provides retailers with an accessible, easy-to-manage solution so consumers can make their moments meaningful in minutes. This fully automated kiosk creates an engaging in-store environment that provides value and differentiation no matter what your business model is. 

This self-service solution includes payment processing, maintenance, replenishment and marketing, so you only need to provide a few square feet and power in exchange for a revenue share from the sales generated by the service.

The joy of print. 

From creating thoughtful gifts to brightening up their homes with personalized decor, consumers of all ages are looking for ways to make their moments last beyond their camera roll. 

Bringing a highly recognized and trusted brand name like Kodak Moments to your business means that you’re providing a quality service to help your customers remember their big milestones and everyday moments forever. 

New touch-free printing.

This brand-new feature promotes a safer experience for customers in store, which is critical for instilling shopping confidence in the current COVID-19 climate. 

To get started, customers can use their phone to scan the QR code on the kiosk screen or type in the URL on their browser. After they place their order, they can release their order to the kiosk for printing directly from their phone—all without having to touch the screen. 

Modern design, easy functionality. 

The Kodak Moments To Go kiosk features an eye-catching, modern design that’s approachable and easy to use. Marketing communications are shown on a large digital display, essential for attracting consumers’ attention in a visually busy retail environment.

Consumers are provided with simple instructions to get started on the top screen. The self-service feature enables shoppers to claim and pay for their orders right at the kiosk without having to stand in a check-out line. It’s a quick, easy and simplified process that can be completed in minutes

Marketing made easy.

A comprehensive, ongoing marketing plan is offered with each Kodak Moments To Go installation. We provide assets for key seasonal campaigns and templates for evergreen communications that are constantly evolving so we can continue to increase the return on investment for our partners.

From point-of-sale displays to triggered email blasts, our Kodak Moments marketing creative successfully builds on seasonal opportunities and customer behaviors into each piece of collateral. We work hard on the marketing details so you can focus on running your business. 


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